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We make oversized workwear in the size range 66 (3XL), 68 (4XL), 70 (4XL), 72 (5XL), 74 (5XL), 76 (6XL), 78 (6XL), 80 (7XL), 82 (7XL), 84 (8XL), 86 (8XL) and 88 (9XL). All oversized workwear is made of certified materials, with many above-standard features, and includes reflective elements for higher safety.

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Oversized work trousers with bibs

These comfortable oversized work trousers with bibs will definitely be great for you, because they are designed by an experienced Czech designer who has many years of experience with this work. Oversized work trousers with bibs are made of certified cotton and Czech high-strength yarn from the company Hagal, so they do not rip or tear easily.

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Oversized work jackets

Everyone wants to feel good at work in the garden or anywhere else, and feel good. That’s why we offer you oversized work jackets that are anatomically shaped. This oversized work jacket is made of princess cut that is slightly tapered, but not so that you are restricted by your overalls, but feel comfortable in the cotton jacket.

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A look into our sewing workshop

My story

In 2006 I launched a clothing shop with my own photo studio. Then, after 8 years of successful business, I was increasingly interested in producing something physically. I surrounded myself with experts from the clothing industry and in 2014opened a sheltered sewing workshop. In 2018, I expanded my sales to 12 European Union countries and now I'm working to start producing oversized jeans. I would like to thank all those who, by their purchase, make work possible for disabled people.

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