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Nanofiber facemasks (pack of 10)

Nanofiber facemasks (pack of 10)

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The facemask is made of two types of nanofibers:

  • FMPV 1900L (full body product - declared efficiency 89% at 0,3µm at 30l / min - pdf info HERE)
  • Capa 1900L (pre-filter in front of nose and mouth - captures pollen and dust particles, prolonging the efficiency of FMPV 1900L)

Facemask Properties:

  • One time use
  • made in a protected sewing workshop
  • without certificates


Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on the mask. After putting it on, form the wire to the shape of the face so that there is no air in the eyes when exhaling. This will ensure that the air is properly filtered when inhaled. When removing the facemask, do not touch the front, and dispose of the mask immediately after use. The shelf life depends on the amount of filtered air (in normal use the mask lasts approx. 8 hours). Do not wash and iron.


For hygienic reasons, this product cannot be returned.
Our aim is to enable the purchase for as many customers as possible and to prevent speculative purchases of dealers. Therefore the maximum number is limited to 3 packages. If you are a doctor or part of rescue system personel, please contact us by e-mail at info@workwearbartos.co.uk - we will allow you to buy more pieces. Thank you for your understanding.

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