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Workwear Bartoš

  • direct from the manufacturer
  • from a workshop for disabled persons
  • also in oversizes and extended lengths
  • custom alterations
  • everything in stock


In this e-shop, we offer work uniforms made in our workshop that provides work for disabled persons. Our workwear has been designed by an experienced Czech designer to be the most comfortable for you, and so that you will feel good wearing them. The materials for our work clothes for men is provided by the Czech companies Marexim and Textura, and the high tensile thread that we use in our workwear is supplied by the Czech manufacturer, Hagal. Jeans buttons are provided by Koh-i-noor, elastication is produced for us by the Krnov company Pega, and knitted/pleated material is provided by the Czech company Moraviatex. As with all other components, we try to use as many Czech manufacturers as possible, in order to support business in the Czech Republic. However, the most important criterion for selecting materials is their quality, which we test for ourselves, and for each product we also attach all available materials certificates. We are aware that our workwear for men cannot be cheaper than “container goods” from the East, but we give our products PRICE GUARANTEES - if you find a product with the same standard and above standard features at a lower price, you will receive it from us FREE OF CHARGE. We strongly hope that you will enjoy our work clothes and that you will come to our e-shop you will want to come back again and again.